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Even while watching shows like Sesame Street or Dora the explorer on Youtube, kids are only 2-3 clicks away from adult content. This is a problem that every parent is aware of and is constantly worrying about! Magicflix is a worry-free solution to this problem – we’re a safe, curated video service for kids, 12 years and younger. We follow a curation process, inspired by Commonsense Media, that ensures videos are safe, age-appropriate and “positive”. We find videos for you from across the world that come with positive learning value and entertaining as well! We’re 3 moms who want to make the mobile world a safer place for our kids and we are building Magicflix as an alternative to the unsafe, mindlessly entertaining video services out there!

Positive Learning

Magicflix brings videos from the best content creators including Grammy and Emmy award winners in interesting and cool categories.

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